Nils Root


I have always enjoyed creating for an audience. In high school I had my own privately-networked radio show (okay, most referred to it as "the morning announcements" but let's not get caught up in labels), in college I over-shared enough on social media to be voted "Funniest Guy In Ohio", and in my twenties I ran the marketing and production company, Bookbag Video.

No matter my age, I've found I do best when I pursue what I enjoy.

Over time, we discovered that our most effective work at Bookbag came from working with clients who cared deeply about the product or service they were providing their customers. We only had to develop content that conveyed their genuine passion to their audience.

In a world of content overload and Instagram-perfect lives, the best way to cut through the noise is to just be yourself. If you care deeply about the work you do, and you’re able to communicate that regularly to your audience, the people you're serving will follow you. I guarantee it (Men’s Wearhouse voice).

In 2018, Drive Capital approached Bookbag for help in telling Midwest entrepreneurial success stories. Together, we developed a podcast series that communicates the passion Drive has for supporting these innovators.

After several months of working closely with the team, I decided to start a new chapter and join Drive full time.

Shutting down Bookbag was tough, but joining Drive truly was the opportunity of a lifetime.

Whether you're navigating a career path or developing the brand for a new startup, you can go in many different directions. But time and time again I’ve found that the best direction (see: least resistant and most fun) is the one that leverages your innate strengths and interests. The direction that gives you a competitive advantage because you’re rewarded for doing what comes naturally. The best direction is being yourself.

I’m lucky to work alongside a team of people who care deeply about building great technology companies in the Midwest. Their passion helps me do the work I’ve always enjoyed.