Natalie Amling

Natalie Amling

Software Engineer
Great communities start with good people.

Growing up in Columbus, you might say that I’m obsessed with everything Midwest. I was raised to be a Buckeye and a servant of the community, and I’ve learned to follow good people to great places.

When I started at Ohio State, I didn’t have much of an academic plan. But even when I was unsure about my professional path, I knew I had a passion for this community and continued to do my best to serve it. I spent the first few years of college serving as a student leader to several causes in Columbus that I was drawn toward, and I eventually found my professional passion in computer science.

I took a leap of faith after my sophomore year and took an internship with one of Columbus’ favorite nonprofits, Pelotonia. After 8 years of participating in the event and already having a position of leadership in my own community peloton, I still felt it wasn’t enough. I “set aside” my software engineering career for a semester to serve my community. But after spending every day interacting with Columbus’s best people, all committed to one cause, that mission-driven semester became the opportunity of a lifetime.

And just as the people in my life led me to Pelotonia, the amazing people I met there led me to Drive Capital. Robert Hatta, the talent partner here at Drive, served as a mentor for my internship with Pelotonia. After meeting with the rest of the team, it became clear to me that Drive shared many of my own impact-driven principles. It was an easy decision to transition back to software engineering when I learned of the open role here. After only a few months, I have already found that Drive is a team of hard-working people dedicated to supporting the fantastic technology companies in the Midwest.

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